The true power shaping the future and everything else: R&D!
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The true power shaping the future and everything else: R&D!

In almost every field, there are those who envision the future as well as those who build it. But the most fundamental element that turns dreams into reality is undoubtedly Research and Development, or R&D. Because R&D is the indispensable set of actions that allow scientific and technological knowledge to be used to create new products, services, or processes.
You know the famous question, "Are you successful because you're happy, or happy because you're successful?" The answer may vary for everyone, but the assumed "correct" answer is "I am successful because I am happy." Think about it, and we'll probably arrive at the same conclusion.
I want to modify this for R&D-Innovation: "Is there innovation because you do R&D, or is there R&D because you do innovation?" To those who say, "There is innovation because I do R&D," I say, "Well done!"
The reason for innovation is R&D...
R&D is curiosity, restlessness, courage, resilience, patience! Additionally, R&D is vision, innovation, uniqueness, solution-oriented thinking, and the will to shape the future. R&D contributes to the more efficient use of existing conditions, knowledge, and technologies, the development of new products and services, the improvement of production processes, and solving societal problems. It enables innovation.
Sustainable success and development are unlikely in any work done without R&D. Things may arise without R&D, but they usually have a short lifespan and limited impact. Therefore, lessons on these topics start with "Not every invention is innovation!" That is, successes, outputs, and inventions obtained without R&D generally remain as "instant solutions" and do not bring long-term competitiveness or innovation.
Why does R&D exist?
To make an idea or dream come true, "something" needs to be done. This "something" is R&D itself. The fundamental components that trigger it are:
- Quality of Life: R&D feeds on the motivation to improve and sustain life and productivity. It's the reason behind modern medicine, clean energy, smartphones, artificial intelligence, and everything we use.
- Competitive Drive: It stems from feelings and needs like "I can do better; we should do better; we should find it."
- Innovation: The decisive step of turning any idea into a new reality, is R&D. As you do R&D, innovation breeds; as you innovate, R&D proliferates.
What is R&D good for?
R&D enables the emergence of new ideas, creative solutions to existing problems, and developing innovations that provide a competitive edge. It consequently supports improvement in vital areas like science, technology, and education. All of these naturally contribute to growth and prosperity.
R&D increases productivity, quality, efficiency, and profitability, thereby contributing to economic growth. Countries, institutions, and companies that engage in R&D expand their market shares, create employment, and raise sales/export revenues. To understand this, looking at companies' turnovers or countries' GDPs is sufficient. The percentage of R&D and innovation culture in the revenues of companies and countries with developed infrastructures is certainly always higher than others. Economic well-being increases as R&D investment and expenditure increase.
What does shaping the future mean?
"Shaping the future" means influencing how tomorrow will be shaped through current actions and decisions. This could be on an individual, societal, institutional, or even global scale. Essentially, it is accepted that the steps taken in the present moment have a direct or indirect effect on the events and conditions to be encountered in the future.
"Shaping the future" doesn't just mean predicting or estimating the future; it means being aware that we have the power to actively shape tomorrow and using this power. This applies to many areas including technological innovation, political decisions, education reforms, social changes, and even personal development.
It requires being proactive, taking initiative, taking risks, and considering long-term effects rather than short-term benefits for any leader, institution, or individual. "Shaping the future" also includes values such as sustainability, innovation, and inclusiveness, as it looks out not just for today but also for tomorrow.
Why should we consider tomorrow?
Because to have a sustainable and successful future at every level, we must use today's resources in an inexhaustible way, leaving a more livable world for future generations.
We should be able to foresee potential risks in many areas from economic crises to natural disasters and take precautions today, thus enabling the development of long-term strategies and solutions. We can only do this by being proactive, that is, by planning for the future as individuals and preparing for topics such as education and financial security in advance.
Only by doing this can we increase the overall well-being of society and humanity, enabling investments in education, health, technology, and other fields to bring positive transformations. Being aware of the future is an ethical and moral responsibility towards future generations. Looking out for tomorrow aims to leave them better living conditions and opportunities.
In short, looking out for tomorrow leads to the production of new ideas and innovative solutions. Shaping the future is not only a wise strategy but also an ethical and moral obligation. And we can only fulfill this responsibility through R&D…

This interview was conducted for TurkishTime Magazine. Click here to read the interview in Click on the clip below to read in a larger font from the clipping.


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