Corona; "The Tough One Spoils the Game!.." by Futurist Ufuk Tarhan
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Corona; "The Tough One Spoils the Game!"
From now on "bit by bit" and Festina Lente
(make haste slowly!)

Corona outbreak, COVID-19” came in the new decennium that started with 2020. Or maybe was brought. We don't know for now...

Whatever the reason was, the die is cast. This decade is critical.

The course until 2030 will go down in history as the most destructive and hopefully the most constructive transformation after the industrial and internet revolutions.

This Corona period will be the best example to explain the saying, "The tough one spoils the game!"
As the human race, we have come to the end of our another "greedy and insatiable" periods that we strive to continue by stubbornly putting money in the place of all our value systems even though we are very well aware that it is not sustainable. "More, the most, the most beautiful ever, higher, more different": this nonsense will stop at first like a sudden brake and then turn into "bit by bit, gradually, more balanced and moderate".
And this will start with the "Coronavirus" that remains a "tiny" issue next to many large risks, diseases, dangerous possibilities such as the climate crisis. Just like that tiny drop overflowing the full glass...

In a nutshell, Corona said to the world: "You said it wouldn't happen! You said it was impossible! You said it wasn't allowed! You said they couldn't! You said never!" Pointing its finger at the world, it started a disruptive wave of questioning and change in the minds, faiths and habits. And I'm glad that it did, because you can't make room for the "new" without taking down the "old", without changing paradigms...

I believe and I hope that we can reconstruct everything during and after this global shock, moral collapse, confusion, desperation and material and moral losses. Naturally, you will ask, "What about those that died of Corona, what about our losses?" The words fail for them. There are no words to describe how we feel... No matter how sad it is, we have to move forward rapidly...

This is not the first. The world has seen many pandemics in its time.

You can see the details on this link and Wikipedia. So why has the World turned it into such a big deal this time? Because it has never been this interdependent, wild, maniac and physically and cyberly connected overcrowded mass. The glass was almost full, ready to overflow; and Corona started the action as the last drop!

Corona is the advance signal now, only a Trailer... A Global "Crisis + Future Drill"...

In the next decade, we will have to change every aspect of our lives differently, rapidly, and with sharp bends that we never thought it would be possible.

Corona is only the advance signal now that gives the trailer of what is about to happen.

It is a "Global Crisis / Future Drill, Simulation"!
We are only at the beginning. We hear the marching of the "Industry 5.0" coming from the future. We are only holding the handle of the door that opens to much larger, uncalled for and unsettling development and great developments.
In this article, we will think about the possible scenarios for the "new world" that awaits us behind that door.
Towards 2040s - 2050s...
After leaving the decade between 2020 and 2030, we will move on to new life forms with those that remain, the new people joining us, anthropoids and new creatures. If we can be smarter and better than today, we still can build a more sustainable world in 2040-2050s...
We will adapt to the situations that we call "Singularity", "Transhumanism" and our other visions for the future that have been going on since the 2000s.

See this video and read this article.
I also recommend this article and the video in it...

If you haven't seen it, and you probably haven't... "TranscendentMan" will blow your mind... Please watch it...
When we come to 2040-2050s, the mechanisms that we can only talk about in the future sense will be widespread. Hopefully, we will create fairer, stiller, leaner and more mature lifestyles. We will even accept the fantasies about outer space such as space stations/colonies, living on Mars and space travels.  Or rather, to "be able to" do all this... Otherwise...
 It is still too early for "otherwise" scenarios... Let's just focus on the near future now...

Why do I write this? How Dare I?

I see myself as a Futurist and I have dedicated a long period of my life "to produce, create, share and use the future as the knowledge". Because of that, I feel responsible to share my opinions and analyses...

My brain doesn't stop... I continuously analyze what we experience and may experience in light of reason-information-technology. I already have visions that the Corona (or COVID 19) period will be remembered as a new milestone, beginning of a new era in which all the value systems, working and living conditions of humanity are re-evaluated, re-interpreted, and configured in different ways.

Probably, in my opinion, we will refer to this period and after as BC - AC in the future...

In summary, we are in critical times and the turbulence in the axis of "the property is the chip of one's soul, the recession will bust us all, we bit off more than we can chew" seems to continue.

That's why I wrote this article to make an opinion, dream, vision exercise together, to get inspired together.
If you want to contribute and share your thoughts, please add them in the comment section below to the blog. So we may benefit from each other.

We were actually feeling what we could experience Before Corona (BC). After Corona (AC), it knocked all of us for a loop...

Money, rank, property, land, oil, mine, concrete, car, dress, jewellery, gun, bomb, equity share, gear or digital do not work, will not work

-when humans and their relatives die, become permanently disabled, lose their families, jobs, homes, roots,
- when refugees are dragged here and there, thrown out, unwanted, killed,
- when there are earthquakes, floods, droughts, erosions, thunders, etc., when glaciers melt,
- when volcanoes explode,
- when forests-living creatures burn,
- when air-water-nature are polluted,
- when oil, natural gas, etc. are exhausted,
- when plants and animals become extinct
- when an Asteroid crushes to our earth,
- when we have Corona or other viruses, bacterias

Because we can't live on eating, drinking or breathing them, we can't protect our loved ones, we can't live like a human...

We cannot sustain what is essential for life…

What was the  Native American leader Chief Seattle's words "When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, white man will realize that he cannot eat money"...

At last, with Corona, we are starting to understand, what do you think?...
Our world is greedy, cruel, unfair and blind.

We couldn't squeeze in.

We couldn't get on.

We turned our world into a balloon full of rotten waste and pus.

It was only a matter of time before it exploded and spread its dirt. And we were aware of this for a long time. Only no one could make that first move...
But then, the divine power (whatever it is) or lab employees from somewhere in the world (their aim good or bad, unclear) cast that first stone!

In the end, COVID-19 pricked like a needle to the great stinking balloon full of pus that is called World with a snap!

Now, all of us try to analyze the carcass in front of us.

We need to do a great cleaning, purify and give a new meaning to everything and establish completely new systems. We need to become transparent, pour our hearts out, shortly be a human again...

Totality, the holistic perspective will rise...

Are you paying attention? The ones that were thinking "how can I dig a pit for them" a few days ago, now strive for their life!..

The world took a break from bickering like "the pot calling the kettle black, you transmitted it, I am not responsible, you are the guilty one" etc.. It went from living cheek by jowl to complete isolation and contact fasting, social distancing and quarantines. Many countries have declared a “state of emergency”. Many daily problems and trouble have been put aside. Everyone is sorely worried about the future. People finally focused on producing solutions, knowledge, science, remedy, new ways...
Now a majority that reads these will say things like,

- You are so naive! All these are a scheme of the drug and chemical industries.
- Don't you see that this crisis will bear brand new billionaires?
- We fall victim to this new deceit of capitalism!
- Don't attribute this much meaning to it, don't exaggerate. Elephants fight and ants die...
- Mark my words, it will all be forgotten in a couple of months etc.
Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about them. I am thinking of those possibilities, they all carry a grain of truth in them. And they will always do.

What's important here is "what we want to happen". Now I will continue focusing on that.
Because the world is a whole!

The world is round and all its systems are connected to each other. Everything must be regarded in totality. The holistic perspective must be decisive in all steps. Every living and nonliving thing is affected by each other. Those on one end of the world can reach other ends; those on the other ends can reach here and there. The Internet, transport means and technological inventions have made the world dependent and connected in the last decade.
As you can see, regardless of geography, country, nationality, possession, gender, race, age, money, power etc. we're all only humans and still very "incapable" beings. We are all still quite helpless, manipulable and ignorant in the face of massive influence.
Because we still haven't found answers to certain big questions such as;

- What is birth & death?
- Where, why, how and what for do we come to this world?
- Why, how and what for do we die, where do we go?
- What are we as people, what is our duty and reason for being?

 We will continue to struggle until we figure them out or they will pull our plug one more time...
We'll continue to try though, to search until then... Now let's take a look at the areas that will be affected by Corona and the possible future scenarios;

What we'll make more or make less, what we'll make smaller or reproduce, what we'll simplify and deepen, what we'll narrow down or make widespread;


What we'll make less, simplify, make smaller, make leaner, reduce, narrow down;  
What we'll make more, reproduce, make bigger, deepen and make widespread;
Consumption and exchange will decrease in all areas. Greed and extremism that always say "more, the most, a lot, limitless". We will, in a way, be in a consumption quarantine, fast. The insensitivity that makes us say, "I can do whatever I want anywhere, anytime" will go away. We will learn to say, "That's enough!"... We will cut down on evil, inefficiency, toxic choices, negativity...
We will increase the approach that selects, weights and questions every subject. We will think more, research, read, listen, watch, learn, find, give meaning and suspect more. We will show more goodness, benefit, help, efficiency, positive attitude, behavior and action. We will mind that what we do increases respect, sensitivity, compassion and empathy. We will aim to benefit to the whole, leave a positive impact, contribute to peace-health-happiness, and we will make an effort accordingly to maximize our effect on sustainability.
Both mental and physical, we will nourish less and healthier. We will put an end to physical, mental, social and digital obesity. We will stop scattering everywhere, blowing hot and cold,  and the jigsaw puzzle. Each of us will focus on certain life goals, areas and dealing with problems in those areas and making those areas better.  We will get information about those areas and learn them.

We will do the same to our bodies. We will not always wine and dine everytime. We will focus on nutrition, not eating. We will nourish only according to our metabolism, age, gender, special conditions, environment, and what we need. Shortly, we will nourish both our brains and bodies; with necessary information and food suitable for ourselves, our surroundings, our habitat.

We will have less and necessary social relationships, communication and interaction; we will eliminate and decrease unnecessary and harmful ones. Even if it seems impossible now, one day we will stop agriculture with soil and hunting, slaughtering and eating animals. One of the biggest revolutions will take place in agriculture and animal husbandry.
We will move and work more both mentally and physically. We will serve better, and with more meaning and productivity to both ourselves and others together with robots.

Robots, cyber, nano-genetic technologies, artificial intelligence, shortly anthropoids and livingoids; will take over the dangerous, mechanical, routine and lifeless jobs that don't suit the dignity of humans or any other living beings.

Humans and other living creatures will take on emotional, cognitive, organic weighted functions and services to make the world a better place.

Lab meats, plants, city-plaza farms will increase exponentially.
Production and service robots, driverless vehicles, chips, simulators, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies, drones, virtual reality applications, internet of things, etc. will always and increasingly be used for these goals. 
Humans and things will become simpler. We will wear useful, multi-functional and smart materials and have minimum glam (almost zero!).

Cosmetics, food, and drug industries and technologies will engage. Everything we apply, wear, swallow, cover and put on etc. will have one more feature to heal and strengthen us. Things will communicate with us. Of course, the same things will apply for everything used for other living creatures.

 We will have enough clothes, covers, packages, fancy stuff and accessories. Textile, paper, plastic etc. products we use and waste production will decrease rapidly. We will turn to the circular economy. Our view on issues such as fashion, cosmetics, accessories, glamorisation, aesthetics, usefulness and necessity will completely change and develop. 
Clothing, textile, accessories, materials
and designs that only aim to cover, protect, treat, strengthen, improve and sustain will increase.

People who study, research, produce in these areas, SMEs, new scientific, digital artisans will increase like a snowball.

Especially in three-dimensional (3D) technology (imaging, design, printing, line, modeling, experiment, manufacturing etc.) industries in micro and macro details, there will be explosive developments. Data analytics will be the most important input-output of all of this. 
We will live in smaller environments, homes, work almost anywhere, and settle for fewer possessions.

Individual, family, education and social environments, job-working, health places, etc. will be designed with low-key and only necessary elements, not allowing crowding.

We will develop consciousness on property, possession and excessive equipment and their enslaving effects, and we will rapidly take our leave from unnecessary details and excessiveness.

Empty workplaces will turn into burden and captivity for individuals and companies due to maintenance-tax, etc. expenses. Properties, plazas, malls, schools will be different. They will turn into multifunctional platforms and places for the goals of sheltering, entertainment, education, health, social, agriculture, production, common use, etc.
We will avoid possessing and being possessed. We will share, rent, present, help and receive help more.

As we reduce our dependence on materials and money, we will become freer.  Day by day, we will increase our speed and intention of breaking away and purifying from the limiting, compelling, harmful habits, activities and relations.
We will travel less. We will realize that we don't need to go, come, travel or be physically present in activities such as works, meetings, contacts, trainings, operations, assemblies, vocations, cultural trips, etc. 

Our need, number and frequency of physical contact, touching or being present in the same environment, current place, shortly social contact will decrease gradually.
Travels, assemblies, trainings, entertainment-cultural activities, meetings, sessions and processes like treatments and operations that use Virtual-Cyber technologies, VR, AR, XR will increase.

New mediums, methods, rules and systems will develop to provide maximum benefit from them, to have satisfying, and sufficient applications.  Technologies will develop to meet the need for physical touch and even smell transfer.

A nice compilation of apps and tools for working online can be found in this link 
We will get shorter, more essential education. Class and school educations will decrease, they will be much more specialized. Hybrid classes and schools will gain importance.

People will discover their life goals, talents and competence at a much earlier age with the help of technology. This will direct individuals to focus on areas that they can deepen their knowledge.

General, static, old school, and "teaching"-oriented traditional school education will be shortened, its area will narrow down, and its methods will change. Education will focus on learning.  It will be free and authentic.
Diplomas will lose their decisiveness and importance. Language, religion, nationality, gender, distance etc. differences will no longer be important in education. Education opportunities and Learning will be "democratized"

General education will transform into exclusive learning.
Macro and giant fictions will be replaced by small, deep and exclusive specialities.
It will not be important which country we are a citizen of but to be a good world citizen. 
There will be millions of micro, new and unknown expertise areas. Reskilling and Upskilling will become huge trends.

There will be brand new professions and expertise areas. As the systematic education shortens and narrows down "Hybrid, Autodidactic" online education will be the priority.
Developing, and producing content for online and offline hybrid education - interaction, practice and skills, tools, technology will increase and progress.
Receiving Digital Badges - Related Link from online education will be prestigious and important.
English (+ the languages of other critical countries) and programming will take the lead in online education. Coding Bootcamps will be the most demanded education places.

Almost everyone in the society will develop content for the subject they are experts in and give online and offline trainings, seminars, conferences, courses, classes etc.

Those who are educated in teaching, producing, designing, sharing and spreading online and with other technologies will never remain unemployed. 
We will work less but more effective.
Concepts such as shifts, fixed-continuous, desk-bound or dependant working created by the facts and requirements of the Industrial age will rapidly decrease.

Working hours will be reduced. Manufacturing mechanisms, factories, stores, mall, warehouses, transportation, distribution activities and vehicles and places used for them and the number of people working in these areas will rapidly decrease.  

Many jobs will be meaningless and unnecessary. Many artisans, attendants will turn into digital workers, hired workers and GIG employees. 
In almost all places and lines of work, people will be replaced by technological devices, robots, bots, artificial intelligence, holograms etc. Some companies will move to Industry 5.0 before they even have experienced Industry 4.0.

Now, the performance and efficiency of robots, not humans, will be measured.

Algorithms, precautions, rules, systems and certifications will be developed to prevent robots from going off the rails and becoming evil, savage, sexist, separatist, competitive, ambitious beings like humans.

The number of people who works in these areas voluntarily or as part of their duty will rapidly increase.
Money will lose its meaning. We will focus on earning and spending less.
The meanings that we attribute to the physical money, credit card use, classical financial instruments, gold, exchange rates, exchange operations and stock certificates will be shattered.
Money-based economic entities will lose their value and reliability. Centralist political structures in which you can play with the lives of people and societies will be rocked from their foundations, state mechanisms will receive severe blows and lose their importance.
Blockchain & Digital Money will spread and rise at an incredible rate. Banking will transform into FinTech.

As it prevents physical contact and deceivers, is more transparent, low-cost and democratic; all kinds of public and private transactions will move to digital money, cloud technologies, blockchain and mobile. Cybersecurity will be the most important area. Digital transformation, artificial intelligence and robots will pave the way for cyberlife.
The process that started with Corona will compel all businesses to complete digital transformation. Making transactions on the cloud and using platform software will prevail in all sectors. Of course, for all of these to happen; 5G, IoT and Quantum technologies need to be widespread rapidly. 
We will live in smarter cities, more organic and healthier environments. Because with the spread of renewable energy; air, sound, water and environmental pollution will decrease. All inner and outer city roads, poles, tables, cameras and buildings will become smart. Meats, plants and animals produced in City-Plaza farms, labs and/or fields will be carried by drones and robots in fast and hygienic ways. A new organic and additive-free diet and living style will develop.
Since the speed of the capacity of the Internet will increase with 5G, waste production, time-freshness loss, use of additives to keep the food fresh, transport and access hours, unhealthy and complicating conditions will decline. 
There will be an incredible increase in experts, productions, designs, inventions etc. for the hardware, software, materials, chemicals, transportation, packaging etc. required for digital farms.
Chemistry, physics, environment, agriculture, animal husbandry, biology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, etc., which have not been so popular until now as they don't make much money, will become much more popular to make the cities and living tools smarter.
Not only young people but people of all ages will increase their interest in those fields.

Not only the cities and structures but also people will be restructured and renewed.
We will miss less, feel less guilty and inadequate. The time we have to spend apart from our families, loved ones and hobbies will decrease as we will spend less time working, travelling, and in meetings, and far away. Even though we will not be completely free of the feeling of inadequacy, guilt, psychological discomfort and fatigue, they will decline to levels that we can ignore.
The time we spend outdoors, out of the comfort of our houses will decrease due to climate change and natural disasters.
We will spend more time with our families, relatives and friends due to isolation. While it will have positive effects in general, the process of adaptation to this situation will also lead to many negative results. Spouses, mothers, fathers, children have forgotten to spend time with each other. Since they don't participate in any real common activities, it is difficult to say that family members know each other very well.
So there will be clumsiness and distress as to what to do when all of a sudden they spend much closer and longer time together. And nature deprivation will add on to these troubles.
We will NEVER swear, complain, get angry, curse, yell, fight, mock, put off, delay or procrastinate in any individual relation, in any group or any mass media; in ANY environment shortly...

This "NEVER" part is my hope and I wish that it will be the desire, decision and action for all of us.
We will respect, understand, tolerate, love, forgive,  use sweet words, stay calm, question, honour, praise, motivate, encourage, thank, work, have discipline, smile, make smile, help more.
We will develop our narrative skills with stories.
We will be models, guides, examples for each other instead of giving orders, instructions or advice.
I think, after all, #FutureisBeautiful

Answers to the frequently asked questions and possible developments regarding AC:

1-Almost all sectors will experience a downfall and income-work-salary loss. How will people live?
First of all, every capable person will leave their arrogance, routes and templates aside. Every woman, man, young person will turn to jobs that they have belittled before as they will open new ways to gain money. They will observe around them as to what they can do, what people and their living environments require. They will develop designs and remedies to resolve existing and possible problems. They will do whatever is necessary in return for money or other goods/services or totally voluntarily. They will look after the children, elders in their building, neighbourhood, village, country, they will cook, carry people/furniture, clean houses, buildings, streets, plough the fields, plant seeds, give training etc. Add to the list if you like. Also, as a first step, read T-İnsan.
2- When schools, nurseries, dormitories are on the break, you will have the chance; also this period may be extended, repeated and its costs can increase too much. In this case, who's gonna look after the children of people who have to go to work in an institution-company-place or has to work at home or even if they are at home, who are not competent or knowledgeable enough? Who's going to help the spiritual, physical, academic and intellectual development of children and young people?

Anyone that can do will take the children and young people in their building, neighborhood, village under their wing, they will mentor and guide them. They will increase their online capabilities, connection and technology knowledge. They will provide these services not for the opportunities, but for their life, if they can get a price, and if not, they will give it free of charge. Awareness for benevolence and philanthropy in societies will increase. The awareness that you don't have to get a price for what you do and doing things for the sake of help will increase. We will remember the human traits that we've forgotten.
3- How can we make use of the time that will be left when we don't go to work/school that we've always missed, that we've always said, "oh, I wish I had more time, I wish I could stay at home"? What should we do?
First of all, rest without lazing about, without getting depressed, work, have fun but don't exaggerate and always communicate with others both online and offline, try to relax. Dress comfortably without being shabby, comb and tie your hair. Take care of your sleep, nourishment, movement, walking, sports, cleaning the house and surroundings, personal care of you and your family. Smile, be calm, think positive. If you never feel like doing these on your own, embrace the method "pretend till you do".
Schedule your time according to the requirements of your education program.  Follow your plan. If you do not have a job or a certain education program, set yourself a business and education goal. Explore online resources for all your questions like "What should I do? How should I do? Which is better and etc.. Use internet to the fullest. You can ask, consult Google, YouTube or your trusted online relatives, everyone. Here is your opportunity! Be the master of your life and time. If you can't, don't worry, someone will take care of you. Because in these situations, Article 1 above will be valid:)
The needs that will speed up and arise in the short term and things to do:
1- Online software, hardware, cybersecurity solutions, measures, facilities, contents for remote work/education/meeting/entertainment...
2- Applications, apparatuses, devices, methods for early and remote virus, disease, fever diagnosis...

3- Sterilization materials and protective chemicals, tools, apparatuses, solutions, masks, overalls, gloves, clothes, beds, bedcovers etc. made of various materials...
4- Practical, disposable sterilization equipment, experts, services for use at homes and workplaces...
5- Mobile and static isolation, quarantine units and mechanisms for homes, public places, malls, etc...
6- Portable treatment cabins, mobile vehicles that can be easily assembled and disassembled...
7- Robots, drones, virtual assistants, applications and QR code applications and minimum human contact applications to be used with various functions in patients and risky environments…
8- E-commerce, online retailing, display, sales, etc. applications. Education applications. Internal communication systems, mobile applications, platforms.  
9- Sterile, completely digital, paperless, contact-free service, service transportation, packaging, delivery methods, active drone use in any possible transmission and emergency...
10- "Earthquake emergency kit, health kit, first aid, scanning, isolation, nutrition developing resistance and protection" kits for homes, workplaces, education, entertainment and different life areas...
11- Totally new health-safety-work-trade-purchase-sale-change-education-sharing, etc. conditions, rules, criteria, accreditation frameworks and categorization which have national and international validity for humans, products, vehicles and processes...
12- New rules and arrangements especially for taxes, debts, prices, social rights, obligations, receivables, lenders etc.  Measure, protection, incentive, and support packages for flexibility and sustainability...
13- Practices and arrangements about funeral and burial procedures to be made after epidemic-infectious-risky disease deaths...
14- Reliable, accredited information sources, online-offline hotlines, denunciation, and training centers…
15- As the physical environments and interpersonal contact will decrease, and online and TV ratings, durations will increase; using social media and all online education-communication channels will be more important than ever, online strategies will come to the fore, be rearranged and their framework and scope will improve and change.  

If you want to contribute and share your thoughts, please add them in the comment section below to the blog. So we may benefit from each other.



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